Fight Between BB Naija 2018 Housemates, Ahneeka And Teddy A


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Here Is All That Happened In The Fight Between BB Naija 2018 Housemates, Ahneeka And Teddy A

It was hot last night after the Friday night games in the BB Naija double wahala 2018 house.

Housemates Ahneeka and Teddy A got into a fight when Teddy A called her ‘silly’ for not knowing the meaning of ‘Cocky’. This got Ahneeka’s blood boiling and she insulted him back, calling Teddy A arrogant with the way he speaks and looks down on people especially the ladies in the house.

She continued to rant about his remarks and how he treats women like they are beneath him.

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Other housemates were able to diffuse the tension between the two of them, taking Teddy A as far away as possible from Ahneeka’s wrath.

Meanwhile, Teddy A later apologized for what he said to Ahneeka during another moment of truth breaking the tension finally between the two.

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Watch the videos.

Ok, here’s the clip: Ahneeka Vs Terry A #BBNaija

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— #BBNaija (@franksdonald) February 9, 2018

Teddy A apologises to Ahneeka over their earlier misunderstanding during another moment of truth between the housemates – #BBNaija #BBNaijaFans #DoubleWahala

— Big Brother Naija Fans (@bbnaija18) February 10, 2018

These are what viewers have to say about the fight on Twitter.

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I think I’m loving this Ahneeka girl, I say YES to woman who stand for what is right, for a minute I thought all Nigerians prefer Abusers and Direspectful man, That Teddy is ….🤧 #BBNaija

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— Siphosethu Ngayo (@SNgayo) February 10, 2018

#BBNaija The reason Ahneeka and Teddy A clashed its because they have the same personality @BBNaija

— IG:amandatshaka96 (@Tshaka_Mandy) February 10, 2018

Ahneeka stood up for women abeg! Even Teddy A apologised and wants to improve so yall should shut tf up biko!! Meet #TeddyNation at the finals. #TeamAhneeka 4da Mulla! #bbnaija

— Gertrude Carr (@carr_grtrdcrr) February 10, 2018

Ahneeka to Teddy: because u are tall and cute you think you can talk to a girl anyhow, thunder fire you! #BBNaija

— Quadri Rasaq (@Qbasic04) February 9, 2018

Ahneeka waited for so long to vex Teddy A…not bcoz of “silly issue” but bcoz he was rude all along and bambam got hurt in process…
Ahneeka was doing that for jer friend indirectly #Bbnaija

— Tshidy❤Doc (@Tshidy_Doc) February 10, 2018

Why ahneeka just dey tackle teddy A anyhow..if you like the dude , tell him stop being a hypocrite and hiding behind women empowerment to tackle him #bbnaija

— ATBB ETT (@Salman_Religion) February 10, 2018

Ahneeka was wagging her mouth yesterday that TeddyA does not respect women yet he went on live show N says he has a girl frnd meanwhile pipu with wife are denying hmmmm. Teddy has a son and he still said it. Ahneeka get over urself wit ur low self-esteem #TeddyASoldiers #BBNaija

— ANIEJAYZ WEALTH (@AnieJayz) February 10, 2018

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