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Corona Virus has come to be a name in everyone’s mouth all over the Nations of the World, it is a pandemic that has struck the World and left all without a clue on how to stop it from killing humans. COVID-19 as it is popularly called has killed so many people within a short period of time and still kills. Many medical professionals, scientists and great people of different gifts have tried all they can to get a major cure but all efforts proved abortive as yet. It is said that its origin or point of spread is traced to Wuhan, in China, some rumours flying are making it seem as though China is trying to use this very medium to take over as World Economic Power but there has not been substantial evidences to prove this claim.

This pandemic has affected the economy of the world, significantly. To a large extent, many businesses, offices and even companies have ceased to function, from Aviation to Maritime, etc, across the globe. Religious activities have been put on hold and redirected to online worship just to contain the spread of this deadly virus. Is this going to be the ‘beginning; of the ‘end’? Many are asking and seeking for an immediate answer. Some say it is a plague upon humanity due to the high rate of transgressions and corruption that have ravaged the world, while others feel it is a plot by a particular nation or nations to introduce the New World Order(NWO).

All these might be seen as just mere imagination just to make all feel alright since there has been no tangible definition or direction to this very pandemic or its cure. COVID-19 is killing on a daily basis and no one or nation has a definite cure for it. All over the news, social media, newspaper, radio and television, there are measures suggested by Health practitioners, on how to prevent the spread of the virus and instruction that everyone should stay at home. While the authorities and government devised a means of getting rid of this very virus. According to statistics, the virus has killed many in the European nations than any other continent of the world. Air travels have been bridged in literally all the nations of the world, some nations of the world have gone as far as not even allowing anybody out of the house (total lockdown), just to stop the spread of the virus.

Many countries have devised a means of supplying foods, groceries and other items to the houses of their citizens just to facilitate the ‘Stay at Home’ strategy to stop the spread of the virus while some are busy using this as a means of extorting from their fellow citizens. Some government officials even use this as an opportunity to syphon funds; the cost of transportation increased in some states in Nigeria, even the cost of purchasing cooking gas, some food items and other materials, sky-rocketed in Rivers State and other states mainly the south Eastern states when it is supposed to be reduced, I hear in the North of Nigeria, things are even cheaper now. The cost of living became high when it is supposed to be reduced; this made me to ask, “the rise in prices of food items and other things, is it so because we are the people that brought about Corona Virus in the world?” The question many are asking remain, is this supposed to be a strategy to enrich self or a means to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

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Am afraid, the way things are going in this country today, we might be trying to prevent the spread of Corona virus by succeeding in letting the people stay at home and thereby expose them to hunger which can also lead to death if proper attention is not given to that aspect of life. Let’s not be too interested in the Virus that we forget some other area of the life of the citizens; it is good for a nation to be fighting the pandemic of corona virus but it is also very important that the government look into the situation of those people that are petty traders, who are still struggling to survive, those who cannot survive or feed if they stay away from their shops, shades, small scale businesses, etc. If we take a critical look at the situation of the ‘Stay at Home’, you will find out that it is more favourable to all the government workers who are still expecting their salary even while sitting at home. The whole world should are standing still to prevent death, it will not be a good thing that while we are trying to keep our people safe, at the same time we are endangering their lives. Initially, it was said that the virus was absent in the African Continent and this kept the white folks confused and wondering. There is an African proverb that says, “ a person who prays for witches, wizards, individual or spirit not to kill him should not end up killing himself by himself”. Nigeria is a blessed nation; human resources, natural resources, etc but we tend to use every little opportunity to enrich ourselves. While other nations are making supplies for their citizens, Nigeria is yet to make any tangible move or device a means of supplying the basic needs of livelihood to her citizens but wants everybody to stay at home. Common electrical power supply is rare in some parts of the country – if not all. Many government workers in some states in the country have not been paid for some months yet they are been forced to stay at home. Take a moment to think about how major population of the masses will look like if they eventually follow the order of Sit at Home without income? Have you taken your time to imagine the crime rate that will be experienced if all the citizens are forced to stay indoors without any supply from the government or any other body?

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Our leaders should see this pandemic as though it is a war, of course, it is a war! You can call it a war against Corona Virus. As war refugees, there should be a need for supplies if only the rulers want their citizens to survive in Nigeria or any other part of the world where provision is made for those sitting at home. There is no way you will be saying Stay Safe, Sit at Home and yet die of starvation. Now, there have been reported cases of Corona Virus in Lagos, Ondo, Abuja, Akwa Ibom and many other states including Rivers State and the Federal government have given instructions to shut down the borders and movement in the states of the federation; no movement from one state to another. Everybody is only allowed to move within the state where he or she resides, well, that is a good move to stop the spread of Corona Virus. The government have instructed the use of sanitizers, nose mask and hand gloves for precautionary measure but what about those people living in your state of governance that cannot afford those materials recommended, does it mean that they should be infected with the virus and die? It is painful to know that nose mask that was sold at twenty to fifty naira (N20 – N50) each is now sold at five hundred naira (N500) each in almost all the states in the country, I now ask, which way Nigeria? However, it is funny to know that some federal medical center in some states in Nigeria does not even have the equipment that is used to test people for the Virus not to talk of hand gloves and nose mask, is this not really laughable? Staff working in such federal medical centers do not even have access to a pair of hand glove or even a nose mask and they have been instructed to use one per patient or there about; is this not insanity? Jingles everywhere, on how to prevent the spread of the virus, well, kudos to the Nigerian government who hypocritically want her citizens to survive by the word of mouth without any practical means to keep them alive through supplies and financial support. It is surprising that some financial institutions’ ATM are not dispensing cash that is for those who already have cash in their bank accounts. If we really need to stop the spread of COVID-19, then, the government through some well-to-do Nigerians can start the supply of sanitizers not only in the television using some people to make it look as though they are working.

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